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BC Organics is the newest project to be built, owned, and operated by Dynamic in Greenleaf, Wisconsin. During the construction phase of this project, there will be a tremendous financial benefit to the community. Local subcontractors will receive work valued at more than $20 million, and 20 full-time positions will be created, once the project is fully operational. Additionally, Dynamic is a recipient of a State grant awarded to develop an anaerobic digester facility, with a state-of-the-art nutrient management system. This will be the first commercial biorefinery facility of its kind in the United States.

BC Organics will utilize 16 digesters, running 24/7 to produce renewable natural gas (RNG), fiber bedding, and clean water. The RNG produced will be injected into the interstate pipeline, and used to create compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles, resulting in decreased dependency on fossil fuels.

September 2021

"We brought in the right people & ultimately I think it's going to be a good thing for our community and for the farming community in general.”


-Jessie Juedes

Wrightstown Town Supervisor

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BC Organics provides project participants with the ability to protect natural resources by reducing potential greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing the volume of manure to be land applied. The goal of the project is to reduce the volume of manure stored and hauled by locally involved farms by 50%. BC Organics will serve multiple producers in the dairy market, both large, and small. This is accomplished by using a central location as a community 'hub-and-spoke system' to collect and process manure. These farms are contracted feedstock suppliers and have over 30,000 animal units combined.

Following the digestion process, the solids will be dried and separated to create fiber bedding for cows. The remaining will be sold to the horticultural market for use in potting mixes as a replacement for peat moss. This process will significantly decrease the phosphorus released into the Lower Fox River watershed.

The anaerobic digester facility will produce over 400,000 gallons of clean dischargeable water per day, by utilizing ultrafiltration and a forward/reverse osmosis system. The participating farms will receive the clean water provided by the plant in exchange for their manure. The farms making use of the water from the project will also require less local groundwater.


As a result of the anaerobic digestion process, there will be more than a 90% reduction in the odor compared to non-digested dairy manure. Local residents will certainly appreciate the reduced odor during the land application of manure.