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BC Organics is the newest project to be built, owned, and operated by Dynamic. The State of Wisconsin awarded a grant to Dynamic to develop an Anaerobic Digester Facility in Greenleaf, Wisconsin. This will be the first of its kind commercial biorefinery facility that provides farms with a more sustainable manure management practice. Overall, this project will provide long-term sustainability to these farms. Many of the participating farms are multi-generational and transitioning to their next generation with active members in the community.

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This project is viewed as an opportunity to provide greater stability for the future. Farmers are the original stewards of the land and recognize the numerous environmental benefits BC Organics will provide. This project will reduce the negative impact of farming on the environment, and community. This solution will assist them in protecting natural resources.

September 2021

"We brought in the right people & ultimately I think it's going to be a good thing for our community and for the farming community in general.”


-Jessie Juedes

Wrightstown Town Supervisor

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After the digesters have done their jobs, the “back end” of the facility handles the water treatment.  This facility includes a state-of-the-art water treatment plant that will reduce waste volumes, reduce manure pathogens, and produce treated water. 


Any bacteria and viruses that may still be present after digestion are also removed.  The output of this separation process is a combination of fiber that has multiple beneficial uses, a pathogen-free concentrated liquid nutrient stream that is generated during the water purification process, and purified water.


Our water treatment equipment will clean nutrients and remove pathogens from the processed organic wastes, separate up to 59% of the water from the manure, and generate clean water that will be available for uses that are beneficial to the participating farms and local community.


This project provides farms with more sustainable manure management practices.  With reduced volumes, farms are able to distribute the nutrients their crops need to grow at times that better match up with the needs of the crops.  This provides them with more efficient and cost-effective ways to manage their manure.  It also allows them to utilize cover crops on more of their fields which will help keep soil in place in the spring when the snow melts and heavy rains come.  Soil loss from agricultural fields in the spring is one of the largest contributors of sediment and phosphorus in the Lower Fox River Watershed.  All the participating farms recognize the need to improve the surface water quality for future generations and believe this project is a tool that can help.  


The project will also return the clean water produced by the plant to the participating farms that are pumping their manure.  This water can be utilized for many uses around the farm such as parlor wash down, equipment cleanup, and irrigation water.  By utilizing the water from the project, it will reduce their demand for groundwater.  The two farms that are pumping their manure can utilize all the water that is produced by the project.  In addition to volume reduction, the farms will also see an odor reduction.  The anaerobic digestion process converts 

compounds that cause manure to smell into biogas.  This significantly reduces the odor associated with manure storage and land application.  Many of the farm participants are looking forward to this benefit as they are active members of this community and would like to reduce the odor associated with the land application of manure for their neighbors, family, and friends. BCO will serve multiple dairy producers, large and small, using a central location as a community hub-and-spoke system for collecting and processing manure with multiple satellite farms providing manure to the digester system.  This hub-and-spoke system is one of the largest community digester systems in the U.S.  These farms are contracted feedstock suppliers and combine for over 30,000 animal units.  The nearby Guardian interstate natural gas pipeline is indicated with the blue line.