Dynamic recognizes that each project and client is unique requiring a custom fit solution that meets current and future goals.  As a result, we offer a variety of services that can be selected to meet your needs, ranging from basic consulting services to greenfield project development to independent facility operations & management services.

Consulting Services

The evaluation and implementation of organic waste management and methane recovery systems is the core business of the Dynamic Group (Dynamic).  Dynamic is a systems integrator that turns innovative ideas and technologies into efficient solutions. 

Dynamic is comprised of a team of professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in project development, design services, project management, and financial analysis.  Members of Dynamic’s team have successfully designed, engineered, constructed and operated over a dozen facilities in the United States. Dynamic’s approach is technologically “agnostic” in its application of proven methods of processing organic waste into valuable revenue streams. 


We develop detailed, sophisticated, bankable financial models as we work with a client to assist with financing and have successfully developed projects with a wide variety of ownership structures including single ownership, independent third party capital, public-private partnerships, and multi-business cooperative ownership structures.  All of these options will be evaluated for each independent project.

Our evaluation of operational management, maintenance, labor budgets, and nutrient management planning is an essential part of successful development, especially as it relates to the financial modeling of projects.  Years of historical operating data has been collected and analyzed and allows us to project and predict operating costs of potential facilities with a high degree of accuracy.    Our extensive operational history has had a significant impact on project design and development.  We continuously evaluate and balance capital costs vs. operational costs to develop the best alternatives and options for long-term financial gain.  Project design without consideration of operational effects is not effective and leads to problematic operational challenges and decreased performance.

Financial Analysis

Feasibility Studies

We specialize in holistic project evaluation and development and have experience in project evaluation from a technical, financial, environmental, and operational aspect as we have successfully developed organic waste facilities through to implementation and currently provide turnkey operational services for such facilities.

Technology Evaluation

There are a wide variety of manufacturers, vendors, technology, and equipment to draw from all of which have up and downsides and can be cumbersome at times.  Dynamic, being technology agnostic, specializes in identifying a demand and evaluating multiple pieces of technology by manufacturers of similar technology to find the best fit for each piece of equipment to achieve the desired outcome.  We work with many vendors and utilize competitive pieces of equipment from project to project.  The key to our proven method for success lies in our ability to understand the issue and potential complications and select the most appropriate equipment to accomplish the task which will provide the project with the best outcome and highest level of success. 

Organic Waste Analysis

It is our experience that to make a methane recovery project financially attractive to the investment community, off-farm organic waste or substrates, need to be considered.  We operate facilities and actively manage the substrate disposal service for our customers and are active participants in the organic waste management marketplace.  Tipping fees in exchange for offering waste disposal alternatives to private industry can provide an additional revenue stream for a project and supplemental methane gas production.   Our strategic approach allows for energy to be harnessed from waste that otherwise would not have, reducing volume and environmental impacts of the waste products, and further subsidizing the true importation of commercial fertilizers commonly used in agriculture to supplement crop nutrient needs.  All locations and operations are unique.  We have experience with facilities located in nutrient-rich environments whose concern is nutrient capture and reduction to facilities which have no livestock and use anaerobic digestion and strategic substrate accumulation solely as a means to amass nutrients to supplement the demands of their crop growing business, reducing their demand and cost of purchasing chemical fertilizers.  There are nearly endless options with waste product opportunities that are geographical and facility specific, and through our experience and extensive database of lab analysis and strategic selection program, we customize the needs on a case by case basis.