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Crave Brothers Farm

Waterloo, Wisconsin

Phase 1: 2006 | Phase 2: 2008 | Phase 3: 2017

Phase 1: In 2006, Dan Nemke, and Karl Crave developed and constructed an anaerobic digester at the Crave Brothers Dairy in Waterloo, WI.  

The plant consisted of the following: 

  • 715,000 gallon above the ground digester 

  • Fiber separation and composting system 

  • 230 kW combined heat & power system (CHP)

Phase 2: After 2 years of operation and maintenance success, the project was expanded doubling the size of the facility and tripling the electrical production.  Utilizing the lessons learned from the construction of the first plant, numerous process upgrades were also installed based on the recent experience from operating and maintaining the plant.


The expansion included: 

  • New SCADA and controls system 

  • A second 715,000-gallon digester 

  • Replaced the 230 kW CHP with a 633 kW CHP 


Phase 3: In 2017, Crave Brothers Dairy contracted with Dynamic to perform a facility upgrade at Crave Brothers Dairy digester.  The system had successfully operated since its last expansion in 2009 and the biogas engine has exceeded its life expectancy and accumulated over 65,000 operating hours.  The upgrade included a complete retrofit of the solids separation system and included the installation of a new state-of-the-art fiber bedding drying system that would use renewable biogas as a fuel. 


Services included:   

  • Project design and engineering 

  • Upgraded gas handling system 

  • Continuous operational technical support 

  • Replacement of new GE Jenbacher CHP system 

  • Install new solids dual fuel fiber bedding gas dryer system 

  • Updated controls system, digester cleaning, and other site upgrades 


The Crave Brother Dairy digester process dairy manure and a small amount of other organic waste including whey from Crave Brothers Cheese, the farm cheese-making facility, to produce biogas and electricity.