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Dane County Community Digester

Waunakee, Wisconsin

Completed: 2011

The principals of Dynamic developed and installed a centralized community anaerobic digester system to process manure waste from three dairy farms; Endres Dairy, Ripp’s Dairy Valley, and White Gold Dairy located near the City of Waunakee in Dane County, Wisconsin.  The dairies are located within one mile of each other and have a total of 2,500 cows combined.  


The waste stream is supplemented by waste fats, oils, and grease substrates. The manure and food wastes create biogas for use in the on-site generation of renewable power. Fiber material was centrifugally separated and is sold as a soil amendment in the landscaping and horticultural markets.  Revenue is returned to the Project SPV through the sale of renewable power and fiber. 


Services Provided: 

  • Commissioning 

  • Project feasibility 

  • Project engineering 

  • Supply agreements 

  • Offtake agreements 

  • Project development 

  • Re-zoning and permitting  

  • Construction management 


This project was performed in close coordination with the County Government of Dane County. Dane County awarded a $3.3 million grant for the removal of phosphorus in the watershed. The project has been continuously operational since the initial commissioning and continues to make renewable energy and remove phosphorous from the watershed.