Subsidiaries Of Dynamic


Consulting Expertise

Dynamic provides consulting expertise in organic waste management.  Dynamic can act as an owner’s representative, providing a third-party independent analysis of an existing project plan and drawing set.  Banks and other owner stakeholders often require this independent evaluation. 



Feasibility Studies

Dynamic prepares feasibility studies for project stakeholders as they evaluate the viability of a project, including:  

  • Operational analysis based upon real-life historical information

  • Provide a holistic project evaluation and development schedule

  • Financial models including returns, sensitivity analysis, tax implication  

  • Implications of capital decisions, operating costs, short and long-term returns 


Financial Analysis

Dynamic prepares a detailed, sophisticated, bankable financial model including:   

  • Offtake

  • Feedstock  

  • Maintenance 

  • Labor budgets 

  • Operational management 

  • Nutrient management planning, which is often ignored by project developers  

  • Analyzing a variety of ownership structures including single ownership, independent third-party capital, public-private partnerships, and multi-business cooperative ownership structures.    



Organic Waste Analysis

Dynamic operates facilities, actively manages the substrate disposal service for our customers and are active participants in the organic waste management marketplace.  When evaluating substrates, we look holistically at:  

  • Methane gas production

  • Potential contamination or  toxicity  

  • Nutrient and effluent management  

  • Transportation costs and tipping fees 

  • Seasonal or contractual opportunities  

  • Type of packaging and recycling opportunities

  • Collect samples and conduct lab analysis for both biogas and nutrient potential  



Project Development

Project development is a core competency of Dynamic. Dynamic specializes in greenfield development projects and distressed asset evaluation, procurement, and re-deployment.  Our breadth of expertise in the anaerobic digester space allows us to provide an unparalleled level of service and depth of knowledge that extends far beyond the typical project developer.  


Technology Evaluation

Dynamic, being technology agnostic, specializes in identifying demand and evaluating multiple pieces of technology to find the best fit for each piece of equipment to achieve the desired outcome.  To do so, we:  

  • Provide budgets for installation

  • Create a specification for required equipment  

  • Provide project stakeholders with unbiased reports  

  • Project “all in” operational labor and maintenance costs  

  • Clearly understand the scope of work from vendor to vendor 

  • Work with many vendors to provide competing solutions and proposals  


Once the equipment is selected, we can confirm it is integrated into the facility by providing:  

  • Commissioning  

  • Installation planning and oversight  

  • Writing control logic for PLC controls and integration of multiple pieces of equipment