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Generate Fremont Digester

Fremont, Michigan  

Phase 1: 2016 | Phase 2: 2017 | Phase 3: 2017-2020

Dynamic teamed up with a 3rd party equity partner to acquire, upgrade, and operate the idled 3 (MW) megawatt digester facility in Fremont, Michigan.  Dynamic completed a major facility upgrade including mechanical, electrical, controls upgrade, and the construction of storage lagoons.  Dynamic provided asset management of the facility including turnkey operations. Fremont Regional Digester processes a wide variety of organic waste products including solids, liquids, and packaged wastes into renewable biogas (methane) which is used to generate approximately 3 MW of renewable electricity. The power is sold to Consumers Energy under a long-term contract.


Phase 1: Evaluation of project opportunity of idled 3 MW digester facility in Fremont, Michigan

  • Located a 3rd party investor

  • Developed a new operating plan

  • Created a business plan for the plant 

  • Complete refurbishment of ancillary equipment in the plant

  • Identified the project opportunity and did an extensive financial analysis for startup possibilities


Phase 2: Designed and installed 2 storage lagoons

  • Facilitated and oversaw the installation of lagoon covers

  • Evaluated locations based upon logistics and land application costs

  • Coordinated cost estimates, construction, startup, and commissioning


Phase 3: Operations and Management

  • Oversaw the day to day operations

  • Monthly budget management vs actual cost 

  • Hired and managed a full staff of employees 

  • Created vendor payments and managed accounts

  • Responsible for facility maintenance and upkeep of the property

Facility Service Provided:

  • Inventory management

  • Construction management

  • Total day to day operations

  • Permit reporting and compliance

  • Biological AD system management

  • Project business plan development

  • SCADA system redesign and installation

  • Facilities upgrade development and design

  • Decommission and recommissioning services

  • Substrate waste procurement and management

  • Preventative and corrective maintenance programs