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Springfield Clean Water

Middleton, Wisconsin

Completed: 2015

Dane County partnered with Dynamic and Springfield Clean Water to install a nutrient concentration system to enhance nutrient management by providing additional phosphorus capture at the GL Dairy Biogas facility.  Simply stated, the nutrient concentration system “removes water” from the centrate produced by the current separation system.  Removing over half of the volume as clean water allows the strategic management of nutrients because of the improved economic feasibility of hauling further distances. 


Dynamic worked closely with Dane County officials and the Wisconsin Department of Natural resources to successfully develop a program and has been issued a discharge permit to discharge clean water produced by the system into a nearby stream.   

Services Provided:

  • Permit writing  

  • Feasibility study 

  • Project development 

  • Vendor equipment selection 

  • Financial and economic viability 

  • Coordinated the engineering of the project 

  • Managed the interfaces between GL Dairy Biogas, Dane County and Springfield Clean Water, negotiated commercial agreements with all parties. 

  • Secured the required permits for the project, including a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permit allowing the discharge of the clean water into the Pheasant Branch Creek.