VF Renewable Energy is one of the newest projects to be designed and operated by Dynamic in Revillo, South Dakota. Dynamic has partnered with CE bp Renew LLC to develop this anaerobic digester facility. During the construction phase of this project, there will be a tremendous financial benefit to the community. Local subcontractors will receive work valued at more than $11M. Once this project is fully operational, 4 full-time positions will be essential to run the facility.

VF Renewable Energy.png

The setup will include a state-of-the-art nutrient management system. VF Renewable Energy will utilize 2 digesters, running 24/7 to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG produced will be injected into the interstate pipeline, and used to create compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles resulting in decreased dependency on fossil fuels.  This digester facility is a freestanding project. That means that the two digesters on the property will be utilizing the manure from the 5,000 jersey cows within Victory Farms.


This process provides the farm with the ability to protect natural resources by reducing potential greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it will allow the farm to decrease the volume of manure to be land applied. As a result of the anaerobic digestion process, there will be more than a 90% reduction in the odor compared to non-digested dairy manure. Local residents will certainly appreciate the reduced odor during the land application of manure.