Dynamic recognizes that each project and client is unique requiring a custom fit solution that meets current and future goals.  As a result, we offer a variety of services that can be selected to meet your needs, ranging from basic consulting services to greenfield project development to independent facility operations & management services.

Water Treatment

Water is one of our most abundant natural resources; however, it is being consumed at historic rates.  Our water treatment solutions reduce wastewater volume and take pressure off of storage requirements, transportation, and the environment.


Dynamic has worked on swine and dairy manure water treatment projects that converted 60-70% of the manure into clean water.  In most manure systems, there are four steps of separation to get to clean water: Coarse Solids Separation, Fine Solids Separation, Suspended Solids Removal and Dissolved Solids Removal.


Dynamic recognizes that each project is unique and requires a solution to fit the needs of the producer while integrating the system into the existing operation with minimal interruption.  Depending on your manure collection system, bedding type, storage, land base, and nutrient management plan, Dynamic will work with the producer to determine the best solution for their operation.