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Core Beliefs

Dynamic has a service-oriented philosophy.  Our goal is to build long-term client relationships by combining strong core values with a culture for success.

Company Values

Dynamic's values are an important part of the work culture.  HonestyValue of Hard Work, Strive for Excellence, Integrity, & Service Oriented


Culture For Success

Dynamic hires quality people that share the same values of the company. Time is invested to mentor employees to maintain a strong Dynamic Team.

Client Relationships

Dynamic's client relationships are the foundation of the business.  Keeping them informed in decisions, and  putting needs of the clients first is Dynamic's priority.

Customized Solutions

Dynamic stays abreast of emerging technologies and recognizing their possible applicability to clients by creating customized solutions for each location. 


Dynamic's Impact on the Environment

Dynamic’s state of the art, proprietary process which utilizes a combination of proven technologies to include anaerobic digestion has the ability to solve three very important problems. 

  • Growing worldwide organic waste disposal, filling our landfills, and taxing wastewater treatment facilities 

  • Escalating worldwide energy usage, climate change, and the need for renewable energy 

  • Water usage and wastewater created as part of animal agriculture 

Reasons Dynamic was Founded

The organic waste to energy marketplace lacked developers applying a proven business model.  Dynamic's owners worked together in years previous to 2011. The efforts of each individual along side one another had proven to be successful, which resulted in their established partnership. This was the natural next step in building what is now know as Dynamic.

What Sets Dynamic Apart from Other Developers in the Marketplace 

Dynamic brings a unique and valuable viewpoint to the industry with our proprietary technology and supplier independence with sourcing anaerobic equipment and parts. Dynamic stays abreast of emerging technologies and recognizing their possible applicability to clients.  Members of Dynamic’s team have successfully designed, engineered, constructed, and operated over a dozen facilities in the United States.

What Makes A Good Business Model in the Industry 

  • An understanding and economic impact of all aspects of the project, from capital to operational costs, from feedstock procurement thru nutrient end use

  • Designed, built, and operated with proven technologies, able to be maintained by trained local operators 

  • A team with the ability to control project development through plant operations 

  • Dedicated and professionally operated, to provide high up times, and maintain the highest levels of safety at the facility

  • Creates an economically viable solution that meets owner expectations 


Dynamic team experience includes: 

  • Business Experience:  Profit (loss) management  

  • Certified wastewater operators on staff 

  • Engineering and design experience 

  • Expansive network of suppliers and consultants to ensure minimal downtime 

  • Experience in recognizing problems and correcting them before they interrupt the process 

  • Farm operations including manure handling, nutrient management, and bedding 

  • Financial investment experience 

  • Hands on operations and maintenance experience on a variety of technologies

  • Manage feedstocks through the process without the need for an on-site engineer/lab technician  

  • Pilot scale testing and data collection